Flying High……

Ok, so I honestly dont get out much. Well, not too far outside of the midwest anyway.

I just had a whirlwind business trip to San Jose, California. Travel Monday, work Tuesday, travel home Wednesday. It was work, it was a little fun, it was exhausting. I don’t hate to fly, I just don’t care for the confinement of the tiny little space the airlines give you for your hours of travel.

Luckily I had a window seat. Obviously, with loving photography as I do, I’m a visual person. Wether in a car, or in a plane, I love to watch the world pass by me. I love to see the land we are blessed to have and how it changes from mile to mile. I’ve flown a few times before, but this time I was blessed with poofy clouds. Maybe I’m strange… ok, so anyone who knows me well, knows I am a little strange, but I’m actually amazed at the beauty and the formations of the clouds, I always am, even when on the ground. I rarely shoot a scene with sky unless I have clouds. Oh I do now and then, I mean I have to sometimes as I haven’t quite figured out how to instantly summons the atmosphere when needed, but I honestly prefer to have clouds if I have sky in photos.

So me being the way I am, if I see beauty, I have to capture it, it’s a necessity in my mind. Unfortunately, G2 (thats my cameras name, um, yes, I named my camera) was up in the overhead and I had 2 sleeping grown men between me & the aisle. I know, I should’ve taken my camera out of my bag BEFORE I sat down, but theres just soooo little space I couldn’t even see making room for G2. So I pulled out my handy dandy Blackberry phone, in airplane mode of course, and started snapping. I hear the Iphones have a pretty nice 5 megapixel camera built in. Its the first time I wished I had an Iphone.

The following pictures are not the best, in fact, they are pretty pixelated but at the same time I hope it proves to some that its not all about having the fanciest camera, its about seeing & capturing the beauty.

I think this one is my personal favorite. We were literally flying on the edge of a storm.

Yes you will see a few shots with a plane wing in it. There were a few times I really couldn’t avoid the wing but I personally kinda like it, what do you think?

To me, the sight of these clouds bathed in sunlight was a surreal type of loveliness. It seems like a puffy, soft, foriegn  terrain when viewed from above. I think, when earthbound, I’ll look up at the clouds and wonder what they look like on the other side.

This is just outside of San Jose, the morning sun had not yet pulled the blanket of clouds completely away, instead the hills clung on to them like a sleepy child.

I’m not even sure where this one was taken, somewhere between San Jose and home.

I felt like a child snapping pictures all the way with my phone. I felt silly even, wondering what others thought. (I admit, I feel that often when snapping pictures.)

But I was happy, and in the end, that was all that really mattered.


Spring in St. Louis (in the summer)

Ok, so its summer, but I’m going to post some spring time pictures because, well, I want to!  Thats how I roll baby!

Its hot, no….its stifiling in St. Louis today! We dont need no stinkin sauna, just step outside & you have instant sweat! (I have never, ever liked saunas!) 

But I do love my town, my city, its where my roots are. Maybe I’ll talk about that some time too….

Anyway, time to think about beautiful, less stifiling, suffocatingly hot days.

Here are some pictures I took in the spring time by the Arch.

A happy….


nice time….

Ok so if you live near the arch, you’ve probably visited it minimum of a few times.

I’ve lived near the arch my whole life, been on many a field trip there in my grade school days. I didnt know until recently that there was a beautiful lake off to the side of the arch!

I think that everyone is so busy looking UP, or looking at the river that they dont notice the very pretty lake.

Its gorgeous when the spring trees are blooming and you see the colorful reflections in the water.

And the old cathedral. Its a beautiful church in the perfect setting, just beyond the very symbol that is the Gateway to the west.

I had to walk in there for a look. The smells instantly transported me in time, back to my grade school days (not all that long ago right?Ha!).

Back to the Catholic schools & churches of my youth. Its funny how smells can cause a rift in time and seemingly take you back….I just stood there for a minute and soaked it in…

The sights…the smells….the memories.

Ok, time to get moving…my daughters seem a bit bored. Time to go explore some more.

And make new memories…..

Are there any smells that take you back in time???? Please do tell….