The freindliest little squirrel, adorable!

Ok, so these pictures are not perfect, but I have to share this little story!

My new neighbors across the street were having a new fence installed. They hired a company who came promptly to their house and pulled out the equipment to dig the holes & install their fence, augers, etc. They measured & prepared, and just as these guys were going to start digging the hole with the auger, they had a little visitor. A little baby squirrel scurried up one of the guys legs! A bit shocked at this little guy’s bravery, they gently tried to place him out of harms way and tried again to proceed with their job at hand. Again, this little sqirrel had other plans, he ran around them & frolicked in and out and again tried to scurry up their leg. Finally, one of the workers went to my neighbor and asked her to lock this baby squirrel in her garage as they could not finish their job without fear of hurting the little guy.

So my neighbor did as they asked because she didnt want any harm to come of this little creature either.

Fearing he was starving, she then did what we all would probably do and fed this little guy some walnuts. When her fence was finished, they opened the garage door hoping this guy would go out on his own and live a normal squirrels life. It wasn’t long before she found that she had been adopted by this squirrel. He has evidently decided not to leave, and he dearly loves his new friend!

George started telling me about this story a few days ago, I had been busy at the Spring art walk so did not have a chance to witness this little guy until I returned home this afternoon. When I pulled up in my driveway, I noticed my sweet neighbor on her front porch, throwing down some food for her new friend. I asked her if I could take a few photos, she was kind enough to oblige. She explained that she wants him to be wild, but also doesnt want anything to happen to him, no owls or hawks to pick him up. She’s been putting little bits of water & seeds out for him and when she comes outside, he climbs all over her like they are the best of friends.


Right now shes still hoping he will find his way but he seems so used to people that we are a bit concerned for his safety. At this point in time, unless she receives advice otherwise, I think she plans on doing what she’s doing & hopes that he will find his way on his own.

I’ll let you know if we have any further updates!


Spring has Sprung!!!!

Well here in Mid Missouri, spring has sprung! Thank God!!!

It was a long winter and as much as I love all of the seasons, I longed for the warmth and the rebirth of the greenery and florals!!! This year, it seemed to go from cold to almost summer in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, everything was blooming and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who was disappointed with that (except for maybe the allergy sufferers!)

I found myself down in Forrest Park in St. Louis. What an oasis in the middle of city life!

I had a brief visit to the Jewel Box and here are a few of the samplings of what I came home with.

I LOVE tulips! They are so beautiful! I was in the middle of springtime, tulip Heaven!

This weekend is the St. Charles Spring Art Fair which I have been juried into.

And the forecast of rain this weekend, ALL weekend? AH, doesnt scare me!

 Who would be scared of a little stinkin rain? (right?) Not YOU surely!

So get out your umbrellas, your rain slickers, your rubber duckies & come visit me Rain or shine!

After the rain………

Nope, no rainbow here, I missed that. Evidently there was a big double rainbow, but I wasnt looking up.

I’ve never really played around with abstracts although I have ideas in this head of mine. This has been fun for me.

What do you think of them?

Can you guess what these are pictures of?

Happy Friday everyone, one more week until the Spring Art Walk in St. Charles.Tomorrow I’m shooting a wedding and looking forward to it! I hope to have a post with the results of that in a week or two.

Rhinos, Giraffes and Bears, Oh my!

Since my oldest daughter is following her passion & is in the process of getting her “Conservation & Ecology” (or Wildlife) degree, it seems to state the obvious when I say we have made many trips to the St. Louis Zoo over the past several years. In fact, for the past 3 or so summers, she’s been a volunteer in the Childrens zoo, which has only confirmed for her that this is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Here is a picture of her, taken by a co-worker at the zoo, of her in action. I get the heebie jeebies just looking at this!

Here are a sampling of the photos I’ve captured of the amazing creatures we share this earth with.


Not the most attractive animals in the kingdom, Rhinos are thought of as rough & tough, but it seems as though they also have a softer side as this picture shows some Rhino nuzzling.

Girraffes are one of my favorite animals to just sit and watch. So tall and lanky with a coat of intricate patterns they are a sight to behold. They seem to have a gracefulness about them that I envy!











This is a sun bear, he looks adorable, but from my understanding they can be very aggressive & have the claws to prove it!












This old girl had me mesmerized. I’ve always loved Chimps and here I looked her in the eyes for several minutes in sheer reverence. It may seem silly, but I wondered what her life had been like and if she was happy. Theres something about looking into the eyes of an animal like this that really made me appreciate life & the amazing journey we are all on!

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Surprise, mom wants to take some Pictures!

Here are some photos I took of my girls just a few weeks ago!

 These were impromptu photos, I had no intentions of photographing my lovely daughters this day but this old building was a great setting. Obviously not every picture was “perfect”, but then again, sometimes, those can be the best kind! It was actually rainy, and cold but my girls are the best sports ever!! I tend to beg when I find an awesome place to shoot. They reluctantly posed for me because they know how irritating I can be when inspired.

We rushed through these due to the threat of rain & the fact that it wasn’t much above 4o degrees!

Amber accidently smooshed Jamie against the door which sent us all into fits of laughter.

One of the awesome things about being a mom to these girls, is that we have so much fun together.

Welcome to the world Maria Grace!

The holidays have passed, the long winter is almost done and I am concentrating again on my photography.
I do however, need to post Baby Marias arrival. Last summer I took pictures of the Ricks family and Dianne was expecting.
 In October they were blessed with a third beautiful daughter, Maria Grace.
New little Maria was for the most part pretty patient with us moving her this way and that but this is one of those moments where daddy was trying to calm her down.

As you can see, Marias big sisters, Anna & Elizabeth, are very proud of their new baby sister.

Welcome to the world Maria Grace!
May your days be blessed with happiness and may you remember the good times your family will share.

A Long Winter Passing – Busch's Wildlife

Its been a long winter.
Colder & snowier than years in recent memory.


Spring is just around the corner, I can almost smell it!
I cant wait for the longer days, the fresh air flowing through my home and the warm sunshine on my face.
Long, dreary, cloudy winters can bring down the spirit, get you in a funk.  


 We’re too busy worrying about things we have to do,
about the daily dramas that waste our time.
We worry about the economy, the bills, everything.
When we aren’t worrying,
we’re answering our cell phones as we pass by the world outside.
‘Busy-ness’ has filled our lives and invaded our quiet.
There are times when we need to let that cell phone ring.
We need to push the worries aside, what good are they doing us anyway?
Over the next few weeks as winter blows her last brisk winds before the next season starts, remember…
there is beauty in even the cold dreary days,
quiet is ok,
 if only for a moment, turn off the radio,
ignore that text or that call,
Sit and look at the beauty in the simple scenes.
And give thanks.
(origninally posted Feb 2010)